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Murray Restoration Statement on Covid-19 

(Novel Coronavirus)


We're blessed that our job-sites are still open and feel terrible for those being affected.

"Remember, we're all in this together— My team and I are fully committed to keeping you and your family safe" — Matt Murray

As a direct response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)— and for the safety and well-being of our employees, sub-contractors and customers, we have implemented the following practices.


  • Our Restoration team is knowledgeable in Covid-19 disinfection process and has informed our entire staff to CDC best practices to use in the office. Employees than can, will work from home.

  • Murray Restoration team is publishing web pages and blog articles and offering free community training about proper disinfection and following the CDC guidelines for Covid-19. 

  • Our showroom, conference room and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected multiple times daily by our Restoration team. Between meetings we wipe down all the common surfaces, and product samples.  



We're in this together— We've got you covered.

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